DUETS is an artist support initiative made with the combined expertise of Irish Theatre Institute (ITI), Fishamble: The New Play Company and Dublin Fringe Festival. The DUETS programme champions professional artists working in pairs to tell one-of-a-kind stories using the unique combination of their skills. The DUETS artists are supported by the combined expertise of all three partners: dramaturgy and development support from Fishamble, networking and producing know-how from ITI and the creative platform of Dublin Fringe Festival.

Applications for DUETS 2021 are now closed

This year Fishamble, ITI and Dublin Fringe Festival are delighted to offer one spot on the DUETS scheme to join two other pairs of DUETS.

Given the uncertainties faced by our industry last year, two of the three pairs of DUETs who were selected as part of 2020’s DUETs scheme will be premiering their work as part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2021. These wonderful artists are Eoghan Carrick & Lauren Shannon Jones and Jane Madden & Sarah Morris. These exciting new collaborations are currently in development. You can find out more about these artists and their work below. The third DUET will be announced following the selection process in March 2021.


Eoghan Carrick

As a theatre maker, Eoghan works in Ireland and internationally, on new and canonical texts,…

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Lauren Shannon Jones

Lauren is a writer and theatre maker from Dublin. She wrote and performed Viva Voce…

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Jane Madden

Jane Madden is a Dublin writer who holds an MFA in Playwriting from the Lir…

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Sarah Morris

Sarah graduated from the Lir Academy Of Dramatic Art in 2015, her most recent theatre…

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  • (c) Pato Cassinoni
    (c) Pato Cassinoni

    Artists: Dan Colley and Fionnuala Gygax

    A live improvised game between an actor and an invited guest. Beginning in the form of an intimate interview, they attempt to get to the heart of the question: what would you save from the fire?  

    Join us in a virtual space for a visceral gathering. This is an interactive theatre piece that reaches you wherever your wifi is. A different guest collaborator for each show helps to create this experiment in live theatre for the next normal.  

  • (c) Ste Murray
    (c) Ste Murray


    Artists: Vickey Curtis and Áine O’Hara

    OOH AHH UP THE GAA! This is club and county. This is Irish PRIDE. We’re here, we’re queer, and we love to cheer. We’re Dublin vs. Mayo. We’re queerer than Gaybo. We’re Irish and loud. We really love the GAA. We’re an all-island game. We’re your guilty pleasure. We’re the snack bar on the side of the pitch. We’re the oranges at half time. We’re the green, reds, and blues. We’re searching for Sam. We are not your typical sports fans.

    (c) Ste Murray
    (c) Ste Murray


    Artists: Camille Lucy Ross and Ciara Elizabeth Smyth

    Mella is a pathological liar. Maura is a kleptomaniac. Unsurprisingly, neither has any friends. Fresh out of controlling relationships, both women are thrust into uneasy freedom. Can they overcome their flaws and shed their inhibitions to avoid dying alone? Or will their compulsions engulf them in the end? A new dark comedy about monsters, condiments and dancing. Lots of dancing.