The Art of Play workshop

30 May 2023 to 30 May 2023
10am - 1pm
The Mick Lally Theatre

This workshop will explore physical comedy and clown techniques and is designed to develop playfulness with scene partners as well as the audience, boost stage presence and find a game in every scene.

Participants will work on: complicity, rhythm, musicality, finding the fun, passing the game, major/minor and boring avoidance.

Artist facilitating workshop:

Simone Tani co-founded Teatro Pomodoro (Nordic Fringe Network Award at Brighton Fringe 2017) and i Bugiardini (sell out award Edinburgh Fringe 2014) and has been working in theatre for over 15 years. He taught mask play, clown and improvisation workshops at University of Chester, National Taiwan University of Arts, LIPA & several arts organisations around the world.

Simone is taking part in the first Gap Exchange programme, organised by Irish Theatre Institute and international partners including Bluecoat, Liverpool. He has been paired with local artist James Riordan, Brú Theatre. James is hosting Simone while he visits Galway, introducing him to the city and the local arts community. 

Register now: 

Registration fee of €5 per participant