International Networking

ITI is committed to creating opportunities for Irish theatre makers and companies on world stages. We present showcasing events and create opportunities to building networks, encouraging collaborations and exchanges and engaging in global events.

ITI has curated and presented the International Theatre eXchange (ITX) since 1994. During ITX Irish theatre artists and companies, programmed during Dublin Theatre Festival, develop their international networks with invited international programmers and producers interested in presenting Irish work to their audiences. Across one weekend during Dublin Theatre Festival ITI curates a programme which includes access to a diverse range of Irish work, a series of rehearsed works ‘in development’ and formal and informal networking opportunities. The weekend also includes the Culture Ireland Pitching Sessions, a chance for artists programmed outside of the festival to pitch a show that has already been presented in Ireland. Selected artists/companies receive pitching coaching from the teams at ITI and Culture Ireland and the call to participate is announced each summer on the Culture Ireland website

ITI’s team participates in international events and attending arts markets, eg. Culture Ireland Edinburgh Fringe Festival Showcase; Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM); Prague Quadrennial (PQ);  International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM). Through this work we aim to build the creativity and production capacity of the Irish theatre sector by encouraging the growth of European and international collaborative partnerships.

ITI is a member of ENICPA, the European Network of Information Centres for the Performing Arts, IETM the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts and SIBMAS (International Directory of Performing Arts Collections).

International Networking Events