DUETS Update from ITI, Fishamble & Dublin Fringe

Irish Theatre Institute (ITI), Fishamble: The New Play Company and Dublin Fringe Festival are pausing the DUETS initiative for 2022. This is being done to review the resources and supports most required by theatre artists now. The DUETS partners will continue to support idea development and artists in 2022 through their existing and new artist support programmes.

This successful partnership created Show in a Bag in 2010 to facilitate the creation of new small scale, tour-ready shows, highlighting the talents and skills of performers making work for Dublin Fringe Festival. In 2019, working in response to the changing needs of the sector, the Show in a Bag partners introduced a new opportunity, DUETS. This artist support initiative champions professional artists working in pairs to tell one-of-a-kind stories, using the unique combination of their skills.

In these ever-changing times, ITI, Fishamble and Dublin Fringe Festival will pause and work together once again to solicit feedback and undertake research to identify the resources and supports most needed by the sector now.