The productions premiering as part of the DUETS initiative at Dublin Fringe Festival 2019 were announced at the launch of the festival last night in Whelan’s Live Venue.

Earlier this year, Irish Theatre Institute with our partners Dublin Fringe Festival and Fishamble: The New Play Company announced the pilot of DUETS, a new artist development scheme. This initiative is aimed at artists working in pairs to tell an undeniable story through the unique combination of their skillsets.


Vickey Curtis and Áine O’Hara

OOH AHH UP THE GAA! This is club and county. This is Irish PRIDE. We’re here, we’re queer, and we love to cheer. We’re Dublin vs. Mayo. We’re queerer than Gaybo. We’re Irish and loud. We really love the GAA. We’re an all-island game. We’re your guilty pleasure. We’re the snack bar on the side of the pitch. We’re the oranges at half time. We’re the green, reds, and blues. We’re searching for Sam. We are not your typical sports fans.

Bewley’s Café Theatre

Preview: 9th September

10th – 21st September


Camille Lucy Ross and Ciara Elizabeth Smith

Mella is a pathological liar. Maura is a kleptomaniac. Unsurprisingly, neither has any friends.

Fresh out of controlling relationships, both women are thrust into uneasy freedom. Can they overcome their flaws and shed their inhibitions to avoid dying alone? Or will their compulsions engulf them in the end?

A new dark comedy about monsters, condiments and dancing. Lots of dancing.

Bewley’s Café Theatre

Preview: 10th September

10th – 21st September

DUETS is a pilot artist support initiative that will champion one-of-a-kind stories told using the unique combination of skills of the artists involved. The four artists involved in DUETS 2019 will receive dramaturgical support from Fishamble’s Gavin Kostick to create a show that will premiere in Bewley’s Café Theatre as part of Dublin Fringe Festival 2019. Irish Theatre Institute will offer mentoring and broker connections with programmers most suited to presenting the show in their venue/ festival.

Supported by The Arts Council / An Comhairle Ealaíon