ITI will be running a dedicated Infomation Clinic about the Information Toolbox for ABSOLUT Fringe companies and artists next Wednesday the 22nd at 4pm in our building, 17 Eustace Street.

For companies and artists participating in Info Toolbox it’s important to attend this clinic in order to prepare yourself and ensure you maximise your meeting time on the day. We will go through the do’s and don’ts of pitching your show, how to prepare yourself for the meetings and what you should bring along with you.

It is recommended that everyone participating in Information Toolbox meets a member of the ITI team at least once in advance of the event so come along before rehearsal schedules get too hectic! Please contact Claire O’Neill before Tuesday the 21st to book your place at the Information Clinic.

If you haven’t registered for Information Toolbox yet, time is beginning to run out. Places are limited and registration must close on August 31st. Further details on registration can be found here. Due to the nature of the event it is not possible to simply join in on the day – if you’re wondering if the Toolbox is the right event and want more detail you sign up, come along next Wednesday & find out more!

Finally the attendee list is being updated on a daily basis, further details on the delegates attending Informatino Toolbox this year can be found here.

Don’t forget ITI is also offering all Fringe companies space for production meetings, free of charge, in its building, 17 Eustace Street. Production meeting slots normally last for two hours and can be booked by contacting me directly. They are on a first come first served basis and we’re open from 9.30-5.30pm, Monday – Friday.

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