PQ15 Travel Grants, provided by the Arts Council under its Travel & Training (Theatre) Awards and managed by ITI, have been allocated. An open call with a set of criteria was issued and and grants awarded on a first come first served basis. The following designers will receive support to attend the 13th edition of the Prague Quadrennial in June for professional development purposes:

  • Frank Conway (set, costume)
  • Paul O’Mahony (set)
  • Jo Conway (costume)
  • Deirdre Dwyer (set, costume)
  • Lisa Zagone (set, costume)
  • Eoin Winning (lighting)
  • Liadain Kaminska (set, costume)
  • Sabine Dargent (set, costume)
  • Conleth White (set, lighting, video)
  • Sarah Jane Shiels (set, costume, lighting)
  • John Comiskey (set, lighting, video)
  • Ilo Tarrant (lighting)
  • Muriel Douglas (set, costume)
  • Stephen Dodd (lighting, video)


Each applicant will be required to complete a report form following their visit to the Prague Quadrennial. The impressions of all successful designers will be reported back to the Arts Council.


The Prague Quadrennial is an unparalleled live exhibition of world theatre and scenography set right in the historical centre of Prague – simply a must-see for everyone… 11 inspiring days for professionals, unmistakable experiences for general public… http://www.pq.cz/en/