Show in a Bag is an artist development initiative of Dublin Fringe Festival, Fishamble: The New Play Company and Irish Theatre Institute to resource theatre makers and actors. It is currently in its third iteration and was first established in 2010 to faciliate the creation of five new small scale, tourable shows which would highlight the talents and skills of performaers making work for the Dublin Fringe Festival. Created with playwright Gavin Kostick to the artists’ specifications, Show in a Bag provides actors with the opportunity to have their very own small-scale, tourable show.

The 2012 Show in a Bag 2012 are as follows:

Dee Burke in Black Wednesday 

Marion O’Dwyer & Maria McDermottroe in Payback!

Conor Madden in U-R-Hamlet

Michele Moran in Sequin Dreams

Brian O’Riordan – Bandit 

All Show in Bag productions will be staged in Bewleys Café Theatre and tickets can be booked through the ABSOLUT Fringe website.

For further details on Show in a Bag and its previous particpciants please click here.