The 2015 Show In A Bag productions were announced at the launch of the Tiger Dublin Fringe programme on Wednesday 28th July. 2015 will see seven actors performing in four shows during the festival as well as participating in Information Toolbox and performing in a showcase of performances for national presenters.


The 2015 productions are:

Sure Thing – Eric O’Brien & Jed Murray

Do you want to feel alive♣ Want to feel connected to something big♣ Bigger than you and your problems♣ You should be where we are. Pure adrenaline. The build up to that one moment. When the whole world stops and it’s there right in front of you. Don’t you want to be a winner♣ Course you do. Take a gamble. Odds are you’ll have a good time. Any more tips♣ That depends, any more cash♣ This two man show dives into gambling culture in Ireland, the third biggest gambling nation in the world.

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Rebel Rebel – Robbie O’Connor & AislingO’Mara

Did that play of mine send out / Certain men the English shot♣ / Did words of mine to too great strain / On that woman’s reeling brain♣ — WB Yeats, Dublin, 24 April 1916. Dropping their costumes in the dressing room, two of lreland’s leading actors abandon their matinee of Yeats’ Cathleen Ni Houlihan. Instead they take their revolvers and march to Dublin castle. Inciting each other all the way, they fire the first shots of the rebellion changing the course of Irish history.

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The Auld Fella – Michael Glenn Murphy

‘This is s-s-serious son! D’ye hear me♣’ My father is a pro at the height of his powers. And I am about to break his heart. This is the Theatre Royal in Dublin in 1961. The year before the theatre closed. The theatre that kept Dubliners sane. Bob Hope called it ‘the magnificent garage’. Judy Garland sang from her dressing room window to the people in Poolbeg Street. Danny Kaye made people miss their last buses so taxi drivers wrote to him and begged him to come back. But I am becoming a man and my father’s powers will fail, and the Vaudeville will become a realm of ghosts. Broken hearts are one thing. But can you heal broken men♣ Featuring Craig Connolly.

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The Matador – Shane O’Reilly

A picture hangs in the hall of a tiny cottage on the side of a mountain. A matador waving red at a beast. In the kitchen is a grandmother. There, also, is her grandson. Outside the cottage, tied by his nose ring to a peg in the soil, is a bull. His fate lies in the balance. Best performer nominee (Fringe 2011) Shane O’Reilly (Follow, Farm) presents this awkward Irish story, a messy fight between man and beast.

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Show in a Bag is an artist development initiative of Dublin Fringe Festival, Fishamble: The New Play Company and Irish Theatre Institute to resource theatre makers and actors. For further information about the scheme, see here