Irish Theatre Institute invites applications from playwrights and theatre-makers interested in participating in the seventh cycle of Six in the Attic (SITA) programme. SITA 2017 will provide a maximum of six artists with the space, time and practical resources alongside the bespoke mentoring and advice services needed to focus, explore and develop their practice. This cycle of Six in the Attic places an emphasis on artists pursuing writing activities for theatre.

Successful applicants will, for twelve months, benefit from access to a designated desk space and administrative resources, as well as ITI’s framework of expertise and strategic mentoring supports. Participating artists can expect:



  • Mentoring on a wide range of subjects both practical and strategic including career development, networking, project management, making funding applications, planning and budgeting.
  • Designated Desk Space on the fourth floor (the ‘Attic’) of Irish Theatre Institute, 17 Eustace St, Temple Bar.
  • Access to in-house information services and expertise on an ‘on-the-spot’ basis.
  • Engagement in a series of sessions with key industry professionals including Irish and UK-based dramaturgs and London-based Literary Managers from new writing houses.
  • Access to a script reading service with the opportunity for facilitated in-house readings and a public showcase at year end.
  • Regular SITA meetings with fellow participants to foster a sense of community and ensure the artist is achieving the maximum benefit out of the resources available.
  • Engagement with ITI’s programme of events including access to workshops and training and registration for Information Toolbox and International Theatre eXchange as appropriate.
  • WiFi access and a monthly allocation of photocopying and printing facilities.
  • Access to a space suitable for workshops, castings, readings, production meetings and artistic planning.
  • Insurance (for unincorporated artists/companies) while working on the premises.
  • An ITI Artist’s Practice Bursary of €500 to use to access resources to support their work e.g. materials, workshop attendance, documentation, travel expenses for research/networking.
  • Assistance with project management, budget monitoring and general producing advice and/or supports.



  • An established base from which to work, which will foster a sense of community with your peers and facilitate engagement with the wider national arts sector.
  • Access to in-house expertise and support, mentoring and the encouragement to think on a strategic level in terms of your practice and the trajectory of your career.
  • The opportunity to grow your individual profile and networks nationally and internationally via key professional engagements.
  • Access to a clean, warm, well managed environment with access to well-equipped kitchen facilities.




  • Application is open to professional playwrights or theatre-makerswith at least one play-script produced by a recognised professional company.
  • Applicants must submit a brief written proposal (of no more than 500 words) detailing their aims and ambitions for the period from March 2017- February 2018, accompanied by a CV outlining their recent professional theatre activities with an emphasis on writing activities.
  • Applications should be addressed to Ewa Senger, Programme Coordinator and sent by email to
  • Please note: Individuals currently participating in an Arts Council funded Resource Sharing Scheme or Theatre Development Scheme for 2017, or ITI Alumni members are not eligible to apply for Six in the Attic 2017.



•       Friday 27th January, 12.00pm



  • All applications will be acknowledged by email. If you apply and do not receive an email please contact us to ensure your application has reached us safely.



  • Applications will be assessed by ITI’s Executive and an external assessor, with a view to creating a shortlist for interview. Final selection of the 2017 Six in the Attic participants will be made following interviews.
  • Interviews will be held in early February 2017.
  • Application will be by open call to ensure fair selection and a wide range of participating artists.
  • ITI operates a set of professional criteria in relation to inclusion in its various programmes which is based on factors such as commitment to the art form, evidence of previous work, a set of clearly articulated ambitions and a real intention to develop a sustainable career. These criteria apply to Six in the Attic.
  • A maximum of six individual artists and/or companies and writers will be offered individual desk space in the building. Additional artists may be offered space if desk sharing arrangements can be facilitated and if deemed appropriate by the interview panel.
  • ITI welcomes applications from theatre artists working through Irish.



  • A set of terms and conditions is in place and will be agreed with the selected artists in relation to access hours to the ITI building, use of facilities and equipment.
  • All selected artists will be expected to respect the premises and facilities provided.

SITA 2017 Call for Applications
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